Thursday, January 6, 2011

Better late than never

I've been slacking on my ranting, so I'll correct that now. I received an early Christmas present in DVD form. "What was this overwhelming masterpiece?", you say. Well it was the fantastic 1986 film, Rad. I had been looking for this film for years and my friend found it online, and I'm so glad she did. It's a cheaply made BMX film about the biggest race ever, on, get ready for it, Helltrack. Why this race is being held in Podunk, no one knows but they mistakenly let local hero Cru Jones enter and he kicks the shit out of the pros. Along the way he has to contend with industry folks trying to shut him down and a love interest, Lori Loughlin, with awesome feathered hair. Now, I figured that, having not seen this film in more than twenty years, it would suck royal balls, but I'm glad to say it, while cheesy, was every bit as enthralling as it was when I was a kid. Watch it, it'll make you want to dust off your Mongoose.

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