Wednesday, December 1, 2010

80s Sci-Fi Fail

Okay, so I watched The Keep, a Nazi/ancient monster sci-fi film based on the novel of the same name by F. Paul Wilson. I watched it, mainly, because I enjoyed the book several years ago. As a whole, this film failed on many levels. Foremost being the score by Tangerine Dream, except that it was filmed in 1983, there was no excuse for the overly synthesized music which made the film seem that much cheesier. before I ramble too far, the plot of the film is that, in 1943, some Nazis find a castle type dwelling in the Romanian mountains and decide to move in. They then proceed to unleash a terrible evil imprisoned therein, kind of a mix between a smoke monster and an over-sized comic book villain. They bring in a Jew, Ian McKellan, to interpret writing found on the wall, written by the monster, which states something about being free. The evil kills the Nazis and Scott Glenn shows up to save the day. Apart from awesome 80s atmospherics, there is little to like about the film. Ian McKellan didn't even put any effort in until the end. The end was one of the most anti-climactic I've seen in a long time, flash of light monster sucked down a hole, without even any fan-fare. Michael Mann wrote and directed this piece of shit, but has gone on to make some decent films. But, after all of my bitching, I have to say that for a knock-off 80s horror movie, it was watchable, just the once. Oh, and there was other quality acting talent, Jurgen Prochnow, with the best performance in the film, and Gabriel Byrne, the script just couldn't deliver, nor could the direction, for that matter. Watch it, it sucks.